REKO is a Swedish acronym variously translated as “real consumption,” “fair consumption” or “sincere consumption” (you get the idea). It was invented by Finnish farmer Thomas Snellman, who was looking for a better outlet than grocery stores for his wares. If you want to watch a TED Talk with Snellman talking about how he invented it, you can see it here


Lova Dora’s Jams/jellies made with homegrown and local ingredients. Seasonings made with homegrown and local ingredients. Baked goods and snacks, traditional and gluten-free, sugar-free and keto options. Freeze-dried candy, fruit and snacks. Seasonal chicken eggs – free range and CBD fed. GMO, corn, soy and fish meal free. Seasonal fruit (currants, honeyberries, cherries, raspberries and pears)
Sunny Pastures Whipped Tallow products, maple syrup, beef cuts
Oak Valley Creations All Organic products including wide varieties of seasonings, dip mixes, beer batter bread mixes, and care products
Jerico Farm Ridge Pork and Beef cuts
The Greensted Microgreens seasonal garden vegetables, Gift Baskets