Healthy Living Fair ~ August 12, 2017

We’re very excited! We are making plans and preparing to be a vendor at the Radish Magazine Healthy Living Fair Saturday, August 12, 2017 at the Mayo Civic Center. We will be showcasing four varieties of Microgreens: 

  • Sunflower – These greens are large, substantial and have an amazing nutty flavor. They are known for providing essential amino acids, high levels of folate, B complex, vitamins C, E and selenium.  They are great to top salads, soups, sizzling steaks and work great in smoothies. Kids love ’em right out of the box. 




Pea Shoots


  • Pea Shoots – Their soft leaves, curly-cue tendrils andwatery stems hold the promise of spring peas to come  Sweet, crunchy and delish, they taste like a fresh-picked pea. Sprinkle on salads, egg dishes soups and embellish that all-time favorite, Minnesota Hot Dish. 



  • Radish Mix – Who doesn’t love a just-picked spring Radish? How about a just-picked Radish Microgreen? Besides their signature flavor pop, Radish mirogreens kick up your nutrition being rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E and B complex  including folate. Garnish any egg dish, salads, soups and my favorite – tuck into a grilled sandwich between the meat and cheese – amp up the color, texture and nutrition of your Panini or Wrap.




Dean’s Crazy Mix


  • Dean’s Crazy Mix. It’s impossible to describe all of the flavor, colors and textures in Dean’s Crazy Mix. Soft and tender, crunchy, many-color greens, beautiful red beets with a pop of peppery arugula. It’s so good, it’s crazy!





We will have samples to taste at our booth and boxes to sell available at our special Radish Healthy Living Fair price. Select your favorite and take your own box home. They micro-magically disappear very quickly. See you at the Fair!

Sweet Pea Microgreens
Salad Lunch.
Your box is waiting.

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