6 Things You Can Do with Green Onions

green onions

6 Things You Can Do with Green Onions

Do you have too many green onions than you know what to do with? Well continue reading for quick and easy ways to use your green onions in a delicious manner! Do your green onions have flowers on them? If so, they are completely safe to eat! Add them to your dish as a topper for a pop of onion flavor.

Add to Scrambled Eggs

Add some green onions to your scrambled eggs for a flavorful breakfast. Just make sure that you saute them in butter first to soften them up.

Swap Out Scallions for Green Onions

Some recipes you come across might want you to use scallions in them. However, you can swap those out for green onions for a similar but stronger taste.

Add Them to Pizza

Yes, you can add these little veggies to your pizza! You can put them on your homemade pizza or add a little more flavor to your frozen pizza. Chop up the heads to put on before baking; greens to garnish slices after baking.

Pickle Them

If you haven’t heard of pickled green onions before, now you have. Top burgers or potatoes with these delectable treats. Try this recipe to make a quart!

Saute Them

Saute green onions with mushrooms, a 50/50 ratio, and use them to top your steaks, prime rib, or any other meaty dinner that you are preparing.

Make Pesto

Pesto is a chef’s best kept secret for using greens, herbs, or other vegetables that they have left. Use green onions and fresh herbs. You can even throw some of The Greensted micrgoreens in there! Try this recipe for a Green Onion Pesto.

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