4 Things You Can Do With Rhubarb

rhubarb leaves

4 Things You Can Do With Rhubarb

Have you ever wondered what you can do with rhubarb leaves instead of just throwing them away in the garbage bin or chucking them into a field nearby? This blog post will highlight 3 things that you can do with your rhubarb leaves that you might have not thought of before. Disclaimer: Rhubarb leaves are NOT edible. They will make you and your pets sick. Also be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands after handling the leaves.

Compost Them

Although humans can’t eat rhubarb leaves, and neither should your pets, they are completely safe for other plants. Use these leaves in your compost bin and then use in your garden or flower beds to give your plants a boost of nitrogen.

Organic Insect Spray

There are many mixed feelings on using insect spray but this one with rhubarb leaves is completely organic and safe to use by your other plants. This organic insect spray works great on your plants to keep the pesky bugs away that seem to always eat your produce. SFGATE has a recipe that talks you through how to safely make and use this insect spray.

Weed Killer

Not only do those huge rhubarb leaves work well for compost and organic pesticide, but they are also a great weed killer. Simply lay the leaves out in your garden, in your paths or by the plants, and watch as the weeds start to die and not come back. Because rhubarb leaves are so large, they cover a good area of the ground and keep the weeds from seeing sunlight. This is a great cost effective way of keeping weeds out of your garden and/or flower beds.

Remove Grime from Pots

If you have ever burnt something in your pan and dreaded cleaning it up, this pointer is for you. Many people that stated that boiling rhubarb leaves in your pots will remove any burnt on mess that you might have in it. Give it a try next time instead of tirelessly scrubbing the grime away.

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