3 Things You Can Do With Kohlrabi Leaves


3 Things You Can Do With Kohlrabi Leaves

Kohlrabi isn’t one of the most well known vegetables there are. You might not even know what a kohlrabi is. But if you’re someone who knows what kohlrabi is or would like to try something new, then this post is for you. This goes through 3 ways that you can use the leaves of your kohlrabi so that you can eliminate waste.

Saute Them

With this recipe for Kolrabi Leaves With Bacon, you can test out your newfound information that kohlrabi leaves are completely edible! In this recipe, the kohlrabi leaves complement the scallions (or green onions) and the bacon perfectly. The tender leaves have a mild peppery flavor like radish or turnip greens.

Make Soup

Not only can you use the kohlrabi leaves in this recipe for Kohlrabi Soup, but you also use the root. This is a great recipe to follow if you want zero waste and want to try out the kohlrabi greens but are a little nervous about it.

Make Creamed Greens

Looking for a new creamed greens recipe but can’t seem to find one unique enough? Look no further This Creamed Kohlrabi Greens uses the greens from kohlrabi to whip up an amazing dish. You can even try out using vegetable broth in this recipe that you made in your own kitchen from any vegetables that you have. Try using kohlrabi greens in the broth as well!

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