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What is a Microgreen? A young vegetable green that is harvested at 10 to 14 days of growth. Unlike sprouts, they are grown in soil, no t water. They are used as a visual, and nutritional component in salads, soups, entrees and side dishes. Smaller than Petite Salad Greens, they provide a variety of texture and intense flavors, ranging from sweet to spicy. Chef and culinary experts use Microgreens to top and enhance many of their menu items – Sunflower Microgreens work well with hot foods like steak and burgers. Smaller Brassica mixes are beautiful on top of Omelettes, Soups, and the now popular Poke Bowls. Radish and Arugula add a pungent pop to all salads.  Check out our SWEET RECIPES page for more ideas. Here is an interesting article by researchers at USDA-ARS Food Quality Laboratory on the nutritional  elements of Microgreens. See chart for pairing ideas.

Petite Salad Greens

What are Petite Salad Greens? They are larger than a Microgreen, but smaller than a traditional “field green.” Like Microgreens, these leafy beauties pack great flavor and nutrition but with more texture, color and versatility than traditional salad or lettuce options. If you’ve become bored at the idea of yet another field greens or bowl of bagged lettuce for lunch, Petites and Micros will perk up your taste buds. Here is a great article from OhMyVeggies.com on the wide variety of salad greens that are readily available.

Petite Salad Greens

Petite Salad Green Microgreen Blend

Why stop the fun? Petite Salad Greens combined with Microgreens makes a versatile, colorful and highly flavorful salad and side dish mixture. Chefs and upscale restaurants are getting on board with presenting colorful and flavorful salad options on their menus. Customers are tired of head lettuce “garden” salad. Nothing in a real garden grows that bland

We’ll be featuring some new recipes soon using Petite Salad Greens and Microgreens in both Mellow and Spicy blends.

Fresh Country Eggs

Oh the wonderful things you can do with a beautiful, country fresh egg. We’ve recently added 15 chickens to our farm, and what a silly bunch they are. We have a variety of hens including Buff Orpington,  Production Red, and Bard Rock, pecking and scratching around giving us lots of eggs. Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a dozen – or two. They are awesome!