The Greensted Achieves GAP Certification: Celebrating Our Commitment to Safe, Sustainable Microgreens

I’m thrilled to announce that after two years of diligent preparation, The Greensted has officially obtained Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification from the USDA! This rigorously inspected verification highlights our microgreens farm’s commitment to responsible, sustainable growing practices and food safety.

For small-scale producers like us, earning GAP certification requires dedicating significant time and resources towards meeting strict federal food production standards.

This exhaustive effort was motivated by our passion for delivering consistently safe, high-quality microgreens to our loyal customers. As a fresh produce farm, we have an obligation to implement controls that minimize microbial contamination risks.

The GAP certification tells wholesale buyers that our growing, harvesting, packing and storage procedures align with national guidelines. This level of accountability is necessary to access larger retail and distribution channels.

Fun Fact #1: After extensive inspection of our facilities and processes, The Greensted scored an impressive 97.98% on the USDA GAP audit – truly a testament to our team’s dedication over the past two years.

Fun Fact #2: We are proud to currently be the ONLY microgreens farm in the entire state of Minnesota to be USDA GAP certified!

For a full list of GAP-accredited farms, visit this website.

Achieving this distinction sets The Greensted apart as a leader in safety and innovation in our fast-growing local microgreens industry. It’s a major accomplishment our whole team celebrates. However, we realize the real winners here are our loyal customers who can continue enjoying our microgreens with confidence!

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