Verdant. May 2020 Vol. 2

Growing on news
Lots going on at #Thegreensted. This is our first year putting our rented land into “real” vegetable market gardening production. It’s very exciting! It’s a lot of work! We have 2 acres of previously commercially farmed land. We’ve cover cropped it for the last 2 years building up the dead dirt into beautiful, regenerated soil. This year, year 3, we’re putting a third of an acre into production. What does that even mean?

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Verdant. March 2020 Vol. 1

Welcome to our very FIRST Newsletter – VERDANT.

The word Verdant is derived from the Old French word for green, vert, which in turn is from Latin vir─ôre, meaning “to be green.” The word also means green with vegetation; covered with growing plants or grass.