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“So, how do I eat these?” The most frequent question we hear. Add a handful, or more, of microgreens to whatever you’re already eating. Top your salads and sandwiches, the obvious. Add to smoothies, eggs, vegetable side dishes, pizza, soups and atop your favorite main course — steaks to Tater Tot Hot Dish. Everything is better with a bit of fresh, nutrient rich, crunchy greens.

“Why do I want to eat these?” Flavor, texture, eye appeal aside, these little power-packed greens are nutrient dense and crazy healthy. We grow, harvest, wash and pack our microgreens with absolutely no chemicals or growth “enhancers.” The seeds and soil are healthy and nutritious. The clear, clean, true flavor shines in microgreens, nothing artificial or preserved. Sweet. Green. Clean.

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Sunflower Microgreens – tender, crunchy, packed with protein. Kids love them! Add to smoothies, top hot entree’s or eat them out of the box. Available in 2 oz or 1.3 oz packaging.

Sweet Peas – sweet and delicate, great for salads, sandwiches, wraps and stir fry. Especially a favorite for someone trying Microgreens for the first time. Available in 2 oz or 1.3 oz packaging.

Classy Classic Mix – Blend of brassica greens – broccoli, kale, red and green cabbages and kohlrabi for a flavor burst. Add to salads, sandwiches and really great with egg dishes. Available in 2 oz or 1.3 oz packaging.

Zesty Mix – Blend of three colorful mustards, arugula and a hint of collards. Adds the WOW factor to all foods – best with sandwiches/wraps, soups warm vegetable side dishes. Available in 2 oz or 1.3 oz packaging.

PIZZAZZ – Pizzazz means “vitality with a touch of glamour.” This blend is a combination of spicy cress, red cabbage, broccoli, which rank highest for nutritional benefits on the USDA website, and the glamour is a bit of amaranth microgreens. So delicious you will want to try it on everything you eat. Available in 2 oz or 1.3 oz packaging.

Wacky Salad with microgreens

This mix is quickly growing in popularity with our regional customers, this varied and fun salad mix is now available year round. Starting with a base of red and green lettuces, we “wack” it up with spinach, kale, beet greens, mustards, bok choy, tatsoi, and many other leafy greens the garden gives to us. The mix varies seasonally – i.e. you’ll find spinach and kale early in the spring, beet greens and mustards as the season gets growing. We may even pop some early spring pea tendrils in. Then we top it off with microgreens – most often sunflower or pea shoots, but don’t be surprised if you find Zesty Mix, Classy Classic or Radish. Whatever it is, it’s wacky good.


New Wacky Salad packaging – look for it on your grocery store shelves.

Looking for fresh garden vegetables? Great! We plant a lot of them every year. Stop in at the Farm Store

During the spring, summer and fall Stop in at the Farm Store to see what’s “on tap.” Please note while we make careful garden plans, source seeds and non-chemical inputs, we are at the mercy of weather, pests and beasts. The best way to assure you seasonal veg is to get in our our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) weekly share. Sign up opens in February each winter. You pre-pay for the season and then you get the first of everything.

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Microgreens Mini Grow Kit – Grow your own microgreens at home! Perfect Holiday gift for someone who enjoys growing and eating fresh foods. Comes in Sweet Pea or Broccoli/Red Cabbage.
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