2022 CSA Newsletter July 19 – Week 8

CSA Newsletter July 19, 2022

Welcome to our 2022 Community-Supported Agriculture program at The Greensted!
Pickup will be Thursday from 4-6 pm.¬†We appreciate your interest and can’t wait to get to know all of you personally. Email us with any comments, questions, or concerns you have.
Thank you!

Save the Date

Small Business Extravaganza will be Thursday, July 28, 4-7pm
The Greensted Fall Stedfest will be Saturday, October 8, 9am-2pm

This is what to expect on July 21:

Salad Greens
Red Onions

Blue Farm Tortilla Chips
White Onion
Green Beans

Dilly Cucumber Bites

4 large cucumbers

1 pint grape tomatoes

8 oz cream cheese, room temperature

5.3 oz plain Greek yogurt

1 tbsp dill, minced

1 tbsp powdered ranch dressing (like Hidden Valley)

Slice cucumbers into rounds. You can peel them or not, your choice. Slice grape tomatoes in half or
quarters and set aside.
In a bowl, combine cream cheese, yogurt, dill and ranch dressing powder. Mix thoroughly.
Transfer the cheese mixture to a piping bag (if you don’t have one, use a Ziplock bag with a corner
snipped off)
Pipe the cheese mixture onto the cucumber rounds, then top with a cherry tomato half!

Around The Farm

What’s Happening on the Farm this Week?

Product Highlight

This past week we’ve been putting up a fence around our garden. The deer and raccoons have decided we have the tastiest produce around and started to eat our delicious veggies! We put up posts around the garden and wrapped 2 wires around the posts. This will hopefully mitigate the wild animal problem.

Our product highlight this week is blue tortilla chips from Blue Farm Chips. Blue Farm Chips started when Randy decided he wanted to add more value to his generational farm. He settled on growing organic blue corn for tortilla chips. Blue corn is hard to grow in southern Wisconsin so over the years, they would save seeds from ears of corn and they eventually bred a blue corn that was easy to grow in southern Wisconsin.

Farm Store

Microgreen of the Week

New Product!!! Crud Cloth is a cleaning wipe that works better than any kind of wipe you’ve used before. And it’s super fun to use and biodegradable. Just smack it, squish it, and open it up! Pick one up in the farm store.

Our microgreen of the week is Just Broccoli. Broccoli microgreens are mild, sweet, and have a distinctive broccoli taste. They contain sulforaphane which alleviates inflammation and helps protect the skin from sun damage. They are also high in vitamins A and C. Use these microgreens on salads. wraps, pitas, smoothies, and vegetable stir fry.