Things You Can Do With Cauliflower Leaves/Stems


Things You Can Do With Cauliflower Leaves/Stems

Cauliflower Leaves/Stems are completely edible. Everything on a cauliflower is edible. Stop wasting your stems and leaves and start putting them to use in these amazing recipes and quick ideas. Check out our ‘3 Things You Can Do With Broccoli Leaves/Stems for interchangeable ideas. Although they don’t taste the same, you can swap the recipes around for different flavors.

Roast Them

An easy way to use these leaves and stems is to roast them and pair with a dipping sauce. This recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Leaves and Stems is mouthwatering. Not only does it tell you how to cook the leaves and stems, it also has a great garlic dip recipe. Check out this other recipe of Crispy Roasted Cauliflower Leaves to use just the leaves.

Add to Mac and Cheese

Get your daily dose of vegetables in by adding all parts of a cauliflower into mac and cheese. Leaves, stems, florets, and all. Whether you make mac and cheese from a box or homemade, there’s always room for greens.

Shred Them

Shred those leaves and stems and then add them to anything you’d like! Use as a topper for salad or cook into your stir fry and soup. The possibilities for these leafy greens are endless.

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