What is The Greensted?

We’re so glad you stopped in. What is The Greensted? Technically, it means “green place.”  We grow microgreens, salad greens, green peppers, cucumbers all kinds of green things. We use “green” practices – you know, sustainable, regenerative, organic practices. All the buzz things. But make no mistake, our marketing color theme, is navy blue. That’s important.

We started growing green things in 2016. Dean had tried a summer of gardening, and well, that was a disaster. But he learned he loved growing things. Online research lead us to microgreens. What’s a microgreen? Microgreens are vegetable seeds grown for 8 to 14 days, then harvested from the growing medium – in our case an organic soil mix. Harvesting things like broccoli, kale, red cabbage, arugula, kohlrabi, at that true leaf stage, allows for all the nutrition of the seed to be captured in the microgreen, and imparts intense flavor. How do you eat microgreens? On your food – any food. What started as a fun curiosity, has become a thriving microgreen enterprise. Read more of our story, find recipes and ….

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