2022 CSA Newsletter June 7 – Week 2

Welcome to our 2022 Community-Supported Agriculture program at The Greensted!
Look out for our emails sent every Tuesday, giving you information on what’s in your CSA box that week, product highlights, what’s happening around the farm, and a recipe specially curated for that week’s produce. Each week will present you with quality produce that has just been harvested. Pickup will be Thursday from 4-6 pm. We appreciate your interest and can’t wait to get to know all of you personally. Email us with any comments, questions, or concerns you have.
Thank you!
This is what to expect on June 9:
      Mixed Greens                               Green Onions
Microgreens                                     Fresh Dill 
Asparagus*                                     Rhubarb
Floral Bouquet**                                Radishes***
…and other surprises!
*Provided by Prairie Hollow Farms
**Provided by Bleed Heart Floral
***Provided by Rotational Roots Farm
Not sure what to do with your produce?
French Breakfast Radish with Eggs Your Way
1 tablespoon butter
1 bunch French Breakfast Radish (6-7 radishes). Sliced in half lengthwise
1-2 ramps or spring green onions, chopped
1/2 teaspoon thyme
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 egg – cooked your way
1 piece of bread or bagel, toasted
1 handful of microgreens of choice

In a skillet, heat the butter over medium heat. Add the sliced radishes and sauté for 3-4 minutes until starting to soften.

Add chopped ramps or green onions, thyme, salt and pepper continuing to cook another 2-3 minutes.

While radishes are cooking, cook your egg as you prefer.

To serve – place toast or bagel on a plate, top with radish mixture and egg. Sprinkle microgreens on top. Enjoy!
Source:  https://soilborn.org/recipe/french-breakfast-radish-eggs
Around The Farm
What’s Happening on the Farm this Week?
This week brought more planting with it. Lettuce, beets, radish, and carrots are all going in this week with plans for also planting potatoes and corn. More transplants of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers also went in. Our first succession of tomatoes are fruiting. Garlic, leeks, and onions are looking great. Broccoli, turnips, peas and green beans are coming soon!
With windy conditions last week, our tarp blew over the newly transplanted melons. Thankfully, most all survived and are growing well. To prepare for in case of windy conditions again, we have reinforced the tarp to the ground, making sure that it won’t blow over the plants again.
Thank you for your patience as we work through a late spring. We are catching up with the nice weather but some items will be later than we planned. 
Product Highlight

Our product highlight this week is dried cranberries by Honestly Cranberry. With lettuce harvest in full swing, we wanted to highlight a topper that would make your salad complete. Honestly Cranberry slices and dries fresh cranberries, grown on a four-generation family farm, NO sugars, sweeteners or sulfur added. Their only ingredient is cranberries.
These cranberries add a naturally tart zing to anything you put them on. Add them to your meals or eat them raw, the possibilities are endless.

Microgreen of the Week
Sweet Pea Shoots

Our microgreen of the week is Sweet Pea Shoots. They have curly tendrils with a delicate texture and sweet taste. Pea shoots are rich in Vitamin A, C, K, folic acid, a good source of beta carotene, and antioxidants. Use them in wraps, salads, any stir fry, or just as a tasty snack.
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