4 Things You Can Do With Leek Scapes


4 Things You Can Do With Leek Scapes

Although you might not think you know what leek scapes are, there’s a good possibility that you actually have seen them before! Or at least some type of scape. Leek scapes are thin stalks that grow from the leek and have a bulb on them, ranging in size depending on maturity. Leeks have leaves but the scapes are not the leaves, they are an entirely different part. These scapes can be eaten though, just like garlic scapes, and they have their own flavor, like a mild leek. If you get a bundle of leek scapes and don’t know what to do with them, or are just interested in learning more, this blog post will tell you 4 things that you can do with leek scapes.

Make Potato Salad

Spice up your potato salad with leek scapes. This recipe for Potato Salad with Leek Scapes will blow your mind. If you already have a favorite potato salad recipe, just add leek scapes and a few dried herbs to it. This is a great recipe for a potluck, picnic, or summer lunch.

Make Pesto

Just like with garlic scapes, you can use leek scapes to make pesto. If you aren’t a fan of garlic, this recipe is perfect for you because it has milder taste that you will be able to stomach with no problem. Use this pesto as a dip or on your sandwiches.

Pickle Them

One way that you can use leek scapes is to pickle them. This recipe for Pickled Leek Scapes uses both the leek and the scape, creating less waste. However, this recipe doesn’t call for a lot of scapes so if you find yourself in a bind with many scapes, double, or even triple, the recipe.

Eat Them Raw

Chop the leek scapes into smaller pieces and then use them as a topper for any dish. They would go great on salads, meats, casseroles, and even tacos.

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