Here we go – cold and flu season 2018-19. I’ve heard it said, “Medicine is sick care. Food is healthcare.” 

True words.  This recipe for ##DrinkGreentoHealth may just help you this winter with your “healthcare.” For the most part, I feel most of us are a work in progress, taking progressive steps towards a healthier lifestyle and integrating fitness goals into our already busy lifestyle. 

In researching the ingredients for this recipe, I was fascinated with the health qualities found in them, and how well they mesh for fighting off those nasty bugs. For inquiring minds, I’ve included a fairly extensive list for your consideration. 

For those just wanted to get to the recipe, scroll down and get started. It’s yummy!

Apple Cider. Try to use locally sourced, fresh cider. Vitamin C, Pectin, Potassium and Iron. Good for regulating serum cholesterol levels.

Pear. Vitamin C, K, B6, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Riboflavin, Folate. Good for digestive health (specifically the fiber assists with elimination) and most importantly for fighting colds and flu, stimulates white blood  cell production.

Yogurt.  Be sure to use plain, no flavorings or sugar. Greek, or low fat, your choice.  Most of us know the great qualities in yogurt i.e. calcium and Vit D., but for this drink it’s the probiotic for gut health that helps kick the yuck.

Ginger. Ginger, who knew, is good for just about everything! It has a host of qualities including decreasing inflammation, relieves nausea, boosts the immune system and bone health, aids in digestion and helps with joint pain. Guess I’ll be eating more of this amazing food!

Cinnamon. Who doesn’t love a touch of cinnamon in all our fall and winter favorite dishes? While it’s a great comfort flavor, it also boosts the immune system, regulates blood sugar levels, boosts cognitive function, and reduces inflammation. Cinnamon also pumps up metabolism which is a positive thing to both keep warm in the cold months, and burn some extra calories. 

Flax Meal Get yourself some Omegas.  In a one-tablespoon serving, there are 1,597 mg’s. OMG. Flaxseeds are good sources of many nutrients. Their health benefits are mainly due to their content of omega-3 fats, lignans and fiber.

**Agave Syrup. One of the most health-promoting properties of agave nectar is its favorable glycemic profile. Its sweetness comes primarily from a complex form of fructose called inulin. Fructose is the sugar that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. The carbohydrate in agave nectar has a low glycemic index, which provides sweetness without the unpleasant “sugar rush” and unhealthful blood sugar spike caused by many other sugars.

Sunflower Shoots. See my FAQ sheet for more info on these but the short version is they boast a great deal of bio-available vegetable protein, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins galore and amino acids great for protein absorption. 

Sweet Pea Shoots. Can you say mega Vitamin C? These sweet treats have seven times the vitamin C of blueberries, eight times the folate of bean sprouts and four times the vitamin A of tomatoes. Besides all that, they have 69% bio-available protein. Sunnies and peas are definitely companion goodies. 

Radish. At My Sweet Greens MN, we blend two types of radish seeds: Red Arrow and Sparkler. This makes a great medium and mild mix. Radish promote cardiovascular health, regulate blood pressure, aid in detoxifying the liver, promote good digestion and clearer skin. They are an anti-oxidant and of course, have that all important Vitamin C. 

Classy Classic. The trifecta. Broccoli, Kale and Cabbage. I don’t need to list the amazing qualities as many are already familiar with them. The short list is antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, copper, manganese, and so much more. They aid with digestion, skin health and Kale in particular, increases the HDL (good) and lowers LDL (bad). Just eat them already. 

Source: organicfacts.net
**Source:  Agave Syrup
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A little bit sweet, little bit tangy drink to boost your immune system this cold and flu season. Full of fiber, loaded with nutrients and absolutely delish.
Prep Time 15 minutes
8 oz servings
Prep Time 15 minutes
8 oz servings
  1. Gather all ingredients. Rough chop container of Microgreens, all except Amaranth.
  2. Place all ingredients in order given, except ice and reserving some Amaranth for garnish, into a large blender. If using small shake-sized blender, you'll need to process in two or three batches. Pulse to begin mixing. Then blend on high for one minute. Add ice cubes and blend til chilled through and thickened.
  3. Pour into glasses, garnish with the Amaranth and slice of fruit. Serve immediately To store place in refrigerator in glass jars. Shake to re-mix as some separation will occur.

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